Internet Access

    AIU provides its students and staff with wired and wireless internet on campus. Students can access the internet from their own laptops or through the following facilities:

    • Internet Lab: next to the central library, from 9am till 4pm, during Ramadan (TBA)
    • Branch Libraries Computers: in the branches libraries, from 9am till 4pm, during Ramadan (TBA)
    • Open Computer Lab in the Faculty of Computer Engineering: from 9am till 4pm, during Ramadan (TBA)
    • English Labs in the English Language Center building (ELC): this meet permission from the person in charge to use them;
    Those labs allow students and faculty to:
    • Access E-Libraries available on the internet;
    • Search the AIU library catalogue and full-text databases;
    • Access free E-Libraries through the library catalog;
    • Access lecture notes, assignments and distance learning programs via the AIU website;
    • Use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database programs;

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  • Normally: from Saturday till Wednesday from 8:00 to 15:00.

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