Borrowing and Renewing

    All students, academic staff, employees in AIU who have a valid ID are entitled to use all libraries and borrow items from them. And borrowing a book is a very simple process.

How many titles I can borrow at a time?
Patron Type Number of Items Loan Period
Faculty members 5 One Semester
Lecturers 5 Four Weeks
Students 2 Two Weeks
University staff 2 Two Weeks
Can I borrow anything?
All E-Libraries can be borrowed except:
  • General references: dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlases.
  • Special references: rare books, manuscripts, dissertations and thesis.
  • Periodicals.
  • Reserved books.
  • The first copy of each book.
Renew loan period:

Students, academic staff, employees in AIU can renew the loan period of the items.
And there are two ways to renew the loan period:
Before the loan period expires you can return the book or renew the loan period.
The loan period can be extended at the library by the librarian, or you can renew the loan yourself via the online catalogue.
Extension is not possible if the book has been reserved or if you owe money to the library.

Online in the Library catalog:

you can visit the library catalog online and click Search, then you can logon to your account, (to get an account on library catalog you must visit the library and contact desk help).

In person at the Issue Desk: By visiting the library building and ask the librarian to extend loan period of the book.
  • to use library catalog you have to ask the librarian to make an account for you.
  • If the book is overdue you can not renew online.

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